How to Do What You Love When You Are Working Full Time

We all have 24 hours in a day. And when you were working full-time, you spend most of the hours working and often have little time or energy to do the things that you love.

By things that you love here, I’m not talking about watching Netflix movies, eating popcorn and sitting on the couch. Since you’re here reading this article, I am assuming you’re into doing things like photography, writing, singing, dancing or any things that you can do to make your life better.

They are things that has the potential to create a side income or full time income for you.

Before I decided to get serious in photography, I was working full-time in a factory. I needed an escape from my day-to-day work routine, tried doing photography and fell in love with it.


But doing photography when working full time was tough!

I barely have enough time to study about photography. And when it comes to actually practice, I barely have enough energy.

I’ve been there.

In this short article, I’ll share with you 2 tips that you can use to create more time and energy to do what you love, even when you’re working full time.

You can use this tips with any kind of hobby that you like, it doesn’t even have to be photography.

Make a Schedule

The first tip is to schedule time to do your hobby. By scheduling, I mean going through your calendar, find an empty time slots and put the thing that you want to do there.

Pick a time where you’re least likely to be distracted by something else. And yes, watching Netflix and Social Media is a distraction so make the sacrifice.

Make a Schedule

We are easily distracted with things on our lives so when you create a schedule to do the things that you love, you’ll more likely to do them.

When I was working full time in the factory, I had to commute and the traffic was usually really bad at 5 to 6pm. With normal traffic, it usually take me around 20 minutes to go from the factory to my home. But in rush hours, it can take me 1 hour or more! That’s 40 minutes of lost time!

So, I decided to not participate in the traffic jam and used the time to learn photography.

I bought some photography books and scheduled a time to read those books everyday, after work hour, for 1 hour at the factory’s common room. There was usually nobody there after work so I can use that space all by myself to learn about things that I love and and skip getting stuck in traffic.

But it will be hard to do this scheduling thing over and over again all by yourself so here comes the second tip!

Join a Local Community or Group

The second tip is to join a local community or group that has the same interest as you. When you join a local community or group that shares the same interest as you, you’ll have much more motivation to do the things that you love.

Strong Photography Community

On the plus side, you’ll be able to expand your connection. Use online forums, meetups, craigslists or facebook to see where the local people who shares the same interests as you hang out and join them! Or even better, take courses at a local community college.

When I was working full-time took weekend photography classes so I got to meet people, make friends and practice photography. We experimented shooting different things and even often go do photography trips together. It was a lot of fun! Make sure you pick a class with a knowledgable, supportive and encouraging teacher when you take the class.

By joining your local community that shares your interest, you’re basically creating your very own fun environment. And this will give you the motivation and energy to do the things that you love.

If you find it hard to make time to join offline classes, you can start by joining our courses here. We are 100% online based so you can access the course anytime and meet with different people with the same interest as you.

I hope you’ll be able to do find the time and energy to do the thing that you love and get better at it even when you are working full-time.