How We Help You Succeed in Photography

At Inspira Gallery, we’re obsessed with finding the quickest, most efficient way to learn photography. We’ve successfully equipped many students all across the globe with solid photography skills. Our students come from extremely diverse backgrounds ranging from a full-time working professional who has little to no background in art or photography to photographers with years of experience.

Whether you want to take better pictures to share with friends and families, make a part-time income, or go full time in photography, we’re here for you. The best way to learn photography can be summarized with 3 letters: S, A, and E. Here are how they will help you in learning photography fast.

S: Systematic Information

Nowadays, you can find tons of photography tips online. However, having to go through and sort the mountains of information (and misinformation) can be frustrating and cost a lot of time.

We’ve done all this work for you! We’ve sorted out everything, and we’ll only give you the best, most important and relevant information on our courses. We deliver it in a very systematic, step-by-step manner so you can digest and learn photography quickly.

A: Actionable Lessons

“Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.” We believe that the key to learning photography quickly is quick implementation.

After explaining the concepts to you, we’ll give you small, actionable steps that you can do quickly. This will help you understand how to apply the concepts in real-world situations. Combined with your instructor’s and peers’ feedback, you’ll find yourself learning photography quickly while having fun at the same time!

E: Engaging Community

Taking our courses, watching the lessons, and doing them will help you learn photography fast. But you’ll often wonder and ask, “Am I doing the right thing?”

Whenever you take one of our courses, you’ll get feedback. Not just feedbacks from random and uncaring people, but feedback from qualified and caring people. You can post your questions, and you’ll get constructive feedback from your instructor and your peers. You’ll always know you’re on the right track on your photography learning journey!

Available Courses

Let's kick off your learning journey in photography! In this course, you'll learn all the essential knowledge that you need to know to get started in photography the right way. This course is suitable for everyone, even with no prior knowledge of art or photography.

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4 Lessons
Escape your time at home with us during this pandemic for a beginner travel photography workshop with an award-winning phototographer, Andrew Suryono. Learn photography techniques and hear the story of how he found his passion for photography and became the first Indonesian photographer to be featured in National Geographic's Fine Art Galleries in the USA. This course contains the video replays, slideshows and more resources from the 3-part @America photography workshop. You can access this course for free. See the link in the description to learn more.

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3 Lessons
The supplementary e-Course of the Traffic Light Photography System book. It contains additional commentary and materials mostly on the Red Traffic Light and Green Traffic Light.

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