“We craft photography education that creates real change.”

At Inspira Gallery, we believe that life is a process of discovery and self-expression.

Photography helps us do that. We’re here to teach you photography.

Turning Ordinary People Into Competent Photographer

No matter who you are or your background, YOU can become good at one of the most important skills in the 21st century.

That’s our promise to you.

Below is the story of how Inspira Gallery was born and how we can help you.

Our founder, Andrew Suryono, learned photography by accident when he was in college. At the time, he was studying to get his Engineering degree. He had no background or interest in art or photography.

To earn extra cash while in college, he was trying to sell some stuff online and noticed that the same item could sell for a higher price if it has a better photo. So, he started to learn photography to make his listings look better to earn more cash.

During the learning process, he fell in love with photography. He started taking classes and experimented with different genres of photography, from portraiture to landscape. Photography now becomes his hobby.

After graduation, Andrew took the typical path that most students take: working in a corporate world. He kept studying and practicing photography on the side as a hobby. After working for several years in the corporate world, he finally realized that the corporate path is not for him.

He was so confused about what he wanted to do next. During this dark period, he kept doing what he loved to do: photography.

Then he asked himself the big “What If” question: “What If I can make a living doing a thing that I love? What if I replace my corporate career with a photography business?”

Before he made the jump, he needed a way to validate his idea and test his skills. After all, he was nobody in the photography world. He had zero clients, and barely anyone knows him.

Soon, his excitement was replaced by doubt. “How in the world am I gonna make a living here?” he thought.

To answer that question, he needed to test if his photography skills are good enough. The best way for that is to join a photography competition to see where he stands from the rest.

After several tries, Andrew finally won his first major international photography award: the Sony World Photography Award. From there, he slowly built his photography portfolio website and started to build his client base. Some of his notable clients are National Geographic and Sony.

As his client base grew bigger, he finally quit his corporate career to build his photography business.

Andrew always believed that anyone could learn to become competent in photography. But what’s stopping most people is the sheer amount of information they have to go through, especially in this internet age.

No one source can reliably lead an ordinary person and turn them into a competent photographer. Andrew had the same problem when he was starting out learning photography. Hours and hours were spent learning from various sources that often give conflicting and irrelevant information.

This is why Inspira Gallery was created.

After digging through his own personal learning experience in photography, Andrew found out that 3 methods have greatly helped him learn photography. He called it S.E.A.

S stands for Systematic delivery of information. Here, we don’t dump information on you and leave you on your own. We have a systematic roadmap on how one should learn photography effectively. You can clearly see where you are in the process and where you need to go.

E stands for Engaging community. Your photography transformation does not happen in isolation. Here, you will have access to learn and interact with like-minded people. We grow together as a global community. You will get helpful and constructive feedback from your peers and instructors, so you know you’re on the right path.

A stands for Actionable lessons. Most photography courses teach you the concepts, but they don’t give you actionable steps to implement. After giving you the concepts, we give you small, actionable steps to try and experiment with. This will further enhance your learning and make learning fun!

Our mission is to turn as many ordinary people as possible into a competent photographer.

Photography is a worthy skill to have. Who knows what will happen once you become a good photographer.

You might find an enriching hobby that will benefit your friends and family. You might even make a side income doing something you enjoy. Or, like Andrew, you might decide to change your career completely to do something you truly passionate about.

Photography can bring you wonderful things. It can transform your life experience. But it cannot happen if you don’t start developing your photography skills.

Please help us make you a better photographer by joining us. Take our free “Introduction to Photography” e-course that you can access from this link to get started.